Under The Abaya, which is published by Niche Arabia in partnership with Cadillac, aims to showcase individualism at its best — personal style that's embedded in heritage, fully confident in its own sense of cultural identity, and connected to what's trending today.

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More than a “fashion” book, this initiative is a statement to normalize Saudi Women image and identity.  Abaya is no longer an obligation in the country but abayas will not disappear. When most of the time this traditional garment is pursued as a symbol of women oppression, with this book, Mossalli reinstated the true meaning and value behind the iconic black piece of fabrics. 

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Edgy, creative, surprising; the images are as eye-opening as they are inspiring, serving as a peephole - and a wake-up call to the rest of us - to a culture that is truly coming into its own on the world stage, finally having been given the opportunity to showcase its women's "adventurous style, enigmatic persona, and how [they] celebrate this newfound era of fashion independence."

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شكّل كتاب وموقع Under The Abaya الإلكترونيّ زاوية بارزة تُترجم كيان ورؤية المرأة العربية عموماً، والسعوديّة خصوصاً. و وسعت مؤسسة صفحة Shoes and Drama، مريم مصلّي Marriam Mossalli إلى إظهار الصورة الحقيقيّة ورسالة المرأة العربيّة المثابرة والجبّارة إلى العالم.

Marie Claire Arabia

This month (February 2018), fashion history was made with the publication of the first street style book from Saudi Arabia, appropriately titled Under the Abaya: Street Style from Saudi Arabia.

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Under The Abaya: Street Style from Saudi Arabia is the Saudi female’s fashion diary; her adventurous
style, enigmatic persona, and how she celebrates her newfound era of fashion independence are
revealed and celebrated within its next few pages. A peephole into the Kingdom’s fashion scene, Under the Abaya presents fashion’s Arab Spring and the model underneath—the progressive Saudi woman, embedded in her heritage and fully confident with her own sense of cultural identity.


After the amazing global recognition from the first edition of Under The Abaya, our team received great interest and demand for a second edition. We hear you loud and clear! Launching in 2020, “Under the Abaya: Saudi Women Who Inspires” will focus more on the persona and accomplishments of women wearing the abaya in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to launch the book globally in partnership with the Kingdom’s prestigious institutions who share the same vision on women empowerment. If you are interested to participate, please contact us at undertheabaya@nichearabia.com.

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