About Us

UNDER THE ABAYA: Street Style From Saudi Arabia is more than a street style book; it’s a non-profit initiative that promotes women empowerment through academic scholarships awarded from 100% of the proceeds of book sales. 

With the progressive future that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia envisions for women, from lifting their ban on driving to providing more opportunities in the workforce, Under the Abaya tells the journey of the women in the Kingdom at the forefront of this change. 

While the first edition of the book was an introduction to the progressive Saudi woman, the second edition delves deeper, exposing their challenges and aspirations. 


Our Vision:

We believe greatly in women empowerment and aims to support women locally and globally by placing them #IntoTheSpotlight to share their own stories with the rest of the world. 

Along with our second edition exclusive partner, LUX ARABIA. A brand that believes in the undying spirit of women everywhere who take pride and pleasure in their beauty and never let judgments hold them back. Lux is honored to partner with Under the Abaya to shine a spotlight on inspiring women who have bravely stepped out of the shadows to show the world that they are much more than their looks. We celebrate these inspiring women who proudly express their beauty while enriching our world with their amazing achievements.


Our Mission:

All the proceeds from the sales of the book go toward academic scholarships for underprivileged women in Saudi to help them achieve their most ambitious dreams. Our participation in the #WomenSupportingWomen movement is much more than just a hashtag; we believe in giving voice to these talented women in Saudi and the opportunity to pursue their aspirations.

The first edition saw enough funds raised to place five aspiring photographers into a one-year scholarship from Future Academy, Jeddah. With this edition, we aim to award females wanting to pursue a BA in Fashion Design. All submissions are volunteered, giving true meaning to the phrase, “women supporting women.”


UNDER THE ABAYA: Street Style From Saudi Arabia is produced by Niche Arabia and powered by LUX Arabia.