Holidayed Out

I’ve been listening to Christmas classics since October, Thanksgiving dinner was a hit, I’ve decorated cookies and windows, I’ve had Christmas dinner delivered, and as soon as I finish this pumpkin spice latte (also delivered by the same fabulous elf who delivered dinner), I think I can finally say I’ve got the nearly 10 years of pent up holiday spirit out of my system. I was about as wild as a college freshman away from home and the watchful eye of her parents, I think. It was fantastic you guys!

I realize it’s late, but I hope all of my dear readers who celebrate had a wonderful holiday filled with good food, great friends, and all the family you can stand.


6 thoughts on “Holidayed Out

  1. Christmas is glad to have you back! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I am glad you are feeling back in the spirit. I think about you and your baby girl often and hope you are well. Take care, friend.
    Love, Toni and family

  2. May 2014 be a wonderful year and so thrilled to hear you are all ‘Christmassed’ out. We have had the most fantastic belated Christmas in Amsterdam with our children and granddaughter.

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